Business Bio

  It was the year of Woodstock, the Beatles last public performance, the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am begins production and man lands on the moon. It was 1969 and I was a 13 year old watching the going out of business sale and auction of my dad’s business…Herb’s Food Center. It was all I’d known my whole life. In fact we lived over the store for the first six years of my life.    I watched as meat cases and frozen food refrigeration cases sold for a few hundred dollars instead of the thousands they were worth. My dad’s personal set of butcher knives sold for pennies on the dollar. The building and property sold for a ridiculously low fire-sale price to the local developer who had been trying for the past ten years to snap up this valuable corner property on a busy commercial intersection. After settling all the accounts and bills were payed, my dad just barely broke even after 24 years in business.   Eight years later I married and my father-in-law asked me to work for him. I was a bit gun shy as it was another family business about the same sales volume as my Dad’s business…but in manufacturing not retail.   I ended up working for him and in the 25 years I worked there we went in sales from $250,000 to 15 million per year. Being on the inside I helped/participated/discussed many of the moves and strategies he used to grow the business. Most of those years in I was in sales. I went on roughly 40 business trips each year, mostly a week at a time. During those trips I carried a box of books and books-on-tape. I spent over 10,000 hours in self-study on topics such as business, marketing, sales, referrals etc.   WHY DO I MENTION THOSE TWO STORIES????   My life experiences carry over into my BUSINESS COACHING. I think, act and coach differently than any other coach in the world because of MY experiences…those experiences. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH in the tough times and the heady growth times…I’ve lived through both.  

 Business bio: Worked at Herb’s Food Center 1965-1969 Successful over 100 person paper route 1967-68 J.C. Penny (stock-boy) 1973-74 Luther’s Central Service (roofing/painting) 1974 Byrne’s landscaping and fences part time 1977-1987 United States Naval Reserves 1974-76 Pinkerton Security 1976 Cannon Lumber 1976-77 Rego Manufacturing Company 1977-1982, 1984-2004 Aetna Personal Financial Services Division 1982-1984 Advanced Retail Management Systems (business software) 2004-2007 Founded North Central Ohio Action Business Coaching 2006 to present