Our Process



 Month by month no contacts to keep us both sharp and making sure the ROI is there. You invest monthly for the results. If either party decides the return is not there simply give the other party 30 days’ notice and we stop coaching.   WE meet about ¾’s of an hour to an hour on a regular basis (frequency depends on what need to get done and how fast…normally once a week or every other week). The meeting can take place face-to-face in your office or off site. It can be done via phone, Skype, Go-to-meeting etc.   

Business coaching is a dual track mirroring life. We have a set path to getting the results desired…yet at the same time we allow for the ability to deal with the issue of the day. However the whirlwind (as “The Four Disciplines of Execution” calls it) must NEVER take over the constant pursuing of the needed goals.  

 Each session we will work together on one or more of the six things you do have some control over in your business and design an action-step(s) to increase it…with the bottom line reaching a level six business if that is the desired result. A level six business is one kicking off plenty of income without you having to be directly involved. (You have the freedom and choice of working as many or as few hours as you desire and in the areas of the business you most enjoy).  

 WE don’t use the accountants formula of sales – expenses = profit which only gives us three options to increase profits…(increase sales, decrease expenses or do both at the same time).   

 Rather we use the formula:    leads × sales closing % = new customers + current customers = total number of customers × average sale × number of transactions per customer per year = total yearly sales × profit margin % = NET PROFITS   

This gives us many more options and control to raise sales and profits.