Top Three Learnings That Work

You HAVE to see the BIG PICTURE to get what you want

You need to find out WHAT to do ...and what NOT to do. You need to understand & DO the process to get the RESULTS.

This includes the "FORMULA FOR RESULTS" and understanding why executing is so hard.

You HAVE to have the FOLLOW-UP & ACCOUNTIBILITY in place in your get the RESULTS

-Know what to measure...NOT past results rather current actions that will drive future results

-Get your plan/action steps into your "system"

-Invest in a business coach to hold your feet to the fire to get things done

You HAVE to understand what marketing IS & what it is NOT

Marketing can NOT fix a bad idea, business plan, product or service. It should deliver eager, qualified prospects to your sales funnel.

How do we do that? Based on unchanging human nature we understand that people want to make the best buying decision possible. They want to feel confident that their dollars are well spent. So your job as a marketeer is NOT to tell them how great you or your product is or how low your prices are etc. Your job is to position your potential buyer so they perceive they have total control over the decision making process. They need to figure out on their own with enough quantity and quality of information they are receiving form you to figure out where they can get the most value of the price they pay.

There are two main components to this:

1. WHAT will be your CONTENT (how & what you'll say)

2. WHERE/which medium

Be aware today's consumer is EXTREMELY jaded & has put up many defenses. Your message must get past their defenses.

You need to understand three "brain" concepts to do this. DOWNTIME- This is the hypnotic state of running habitual tasks without any conscious thought.

UPTIME- The brain's state of snapping to...becoming conscious so it can notice your solutions and suggestions.

RETICULAR ACTIVATORS- That part of your brain that's CONSTANTLY on the lookout 24/7/365...even while asleep. It constantly scans the environment looking for things in three categories:

Marketing continued

This hot button activator MUST be based on something RELEVANT or IMPORTANT to your prospect. Otherwise they will only wakeup momentarily into uptime to revert right back into downtime.

You successfully INTERRUPT/ENGAGE by identifying problems, frustrations, uncertainties, and annoyances your prospects have. You "poke" at these and their reticular activator notices and brings your message onto their ACTIVE radar screen.

The HEADLINE does this by highlighting a hot button. The SUBHEADLINE then promises IF they read or listen on they will get info to help make the best decision possible. Next give them a low-risk offer to educate them on how to fix the problem.

The correct offer will capture BOTH the 1-5% right-now buyers AND those who will buy later...the other 95%

The Three Categories

-Things that are FAMIILAR

-Things that are UNUSUAL

-Things that are PROBLEMATIC

These are all activators which will wake up our prospects so they pay attention so our marketing messages get past their defenses and we can INTERRUPT & ENGAGE them.

Continued in column one