What is a business coach

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About Us


Each Business Coach is UNIQUE...Why Rich Herb

-Has a distinct way/perspective of "seeing" things

-Sees choices, issues, goals where others just see complexity and a mess

-Able to think through multiple action scenerios

-Great at communicating/explaining ideas

-Connects old ideas with new perspectives and perceptions

-Loves spotting anmd developing the ideas found SIMPLY

-Always searching for the connections to the BIG PICTURE

-Works well with with R&D people, visionaries, dreamers AND action-oriented people


HOW we coach

We offer 1-to-1 coaching sessions at your place of business or off site if your prefer (we also work via web or phone)

We offer workshops from 15 minutes to three days in length on many business topics


Start NOW!!! to get these RESULTS

An action plan in bite-sized steps to get that RESULT your business NEEDS

An accountibility partner to keep you on track with that plan